The purpose of the Berrien County executive committee is to work for the overall program of the Republican Party of Berrien County, to work for the election of all nominees of the Republican Party and to perform other duties as prescribed by law.

Candidate Members:
John Proos - Senator
Michigan 6th District

David Pagel - Representative
Michigan 78th District

Kim Lasata - Representative
Michigan 79th District

Michael Sepic - Prosecutor

L. Paul Bailey - Sheriff

Sharon Tyler - County Clerk

Bret Witkowski - Treasurer

Lori Jarvis - Registrar of Deeds

Christopher Quattrin - Drain Commissioner

John Kamer - Surveyor

Dave Vollrath, District 1 County Commissioner

Jon Hinkelman, District 2 County Commissioner

Bill Chickering, District 5 County Commissioner

Jeanette Leahey, District 6 County Commissioner

Debra Panozzo, District 7 County Commissioner

Teri Sue Freehling, District 8 County Commissioner

R. McKinley Elliott, District 10 County Commissioner

Jim Curran, District 11 County Commissioner

Michael Majerek, District 12 County Commissioner

Michael Sleep - Candidate Member

Delegate Appointed:
Larry Burghdoff

Vicki Burghdoff

Gary R Campbell*

Jo Flock

Michael Garey**

Kevin M. Gillette

Bruce Gorenflo

Dennis M. Grosse**

Bruce Johnson

Pat Johnson

Rodney Krieger

Keith Lubbers

Adam M. Mensinger

Patricia Muellen

Adolf Pelzer

Ron Ravitch

Mike Ryan

Scott Sanford

Cheryl Warner

Roger Warner **

John Whisler

*State committee member

**6th district member