Politics begins at the grassroots level, where you share information about and discuss the important issues of the day with your family, friends and neighbors. If you become a Republican Precinct Delegate, you will have the opportunity, and responsibility, to share information and discussion about the Party and its candidates with the fellow residents of your voting precinct.

Elected every even-numbered year in the August primary election, Precinct Delegates play a key role in electing Republicans to every office. As a liaison to your precinct, you will be a key source of information about the issues and concerns in your community, and have the opportunity to build personal relationships with candidates and Party leaders. In addition, Precinct Delegates have the opportunity to attend Party conventions and help select many Party officials and Republican candidates for statewide offices.

As a Precinct Delegate, you will have the opportunity to meet people who share a similar philosopy, and gain in-depth knowledge on current issues, legislation, and policy. This knowledge will help you be in a position to effectively express your views and share your opinions. As a Precinct Delegate, you take an active role in retaining and strengthening the freedoms that make America great, and you make a difference!

The deadline for 2016 is May 6, 2016 at 4pm. Once that date passed. the Berrien G.O.P. has the opportunity at each county convention to appoint individuals to fill empty delegate spots in their respective precincts. If you might be interested in being appointed, please watch for notice of upcoming county conventions. The next election of precinct delegates will be in the August 5th, 2014 election.